The Graduate Program in Food, Nutrition and Health was founded in November 2004 (after CAPES/MEC approval), and started its regular activities in March, 2005.

The Program’s initial faculty counted on 10 professors (70% from the ENUFBA School of Nutrition of the Federal University of Bahia) with a Master Program. Nowadays, the Program counts on 18 permanent professors and 4 temporary lecturers. The Doctoral Program started in 2014 and had its first doctor degrees granted at the end of 2018.

Bearing in mind that Brazilians have changed their nutritional behavior and the importance of discussing food and nutrition security in Brazil and all over the world, the area of concentration for the whole Graduate Program in Food, Nutrition and Health is food and nutrition security. Due to its many features, coverage and dynamicity, we consider that the this area of concentration is able to host different lines of research without losing its identity or consistency.

Currently, there are four lines of research registered in the Program: Experimental and Clinical Bases for Nutrition; Epidemiology of Nutritional Disorders; Food and Health Surveillance; Health, Eating and Nutrition Programs and Policy Assessment; and Food, Nutrition and Culture. The latter is still in development and is currently aggregating researchers and condensing its productions.