Lines of Research

Experimental and Clinical Foundations of Nutrition

The objective of this line of research is to identify and/or establish a cause-effect relationship through the several interfaces amongst food, nutrition, health, and disease. In this sense, the studies are focused on basic research, experimental models and clinical trials targeted at diagnosis or intervention.
This line of research has a great potential for contributive investigations, establishing connection, correlation, causality or patterns in order to track and prevent nutritional disorders and chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Besides the aforementioned possibilities, this line of research enables researchers to use intervention protocols to identify the effects of food, supplements, nutrients or bioactives as possible therapeutic agents or as elements capable of improving the nutrient composition and normalizing clinical, laboratory and quality of life markers.
In conclusion, the line of research Experimental and Clinical Foundations of Nutrition studies the connections between Basic Research, Clinical Research and scientific evidence acquisition for Clinical Nutrition practice. The purpose is to construct and analyze scientific knowledge based on basic research in conformity with clinical investigations. That way, the objective is to identify how the results can be applicable in the many practical fields of clinical nutrition.

Food, Nutrition and Culture

The purpose of this line of research is to comprehend the skills and practices related to food access and usage by population groups, focusing on their traditions, cultural diversities and the impacts on their health.

Epidemiology of Nutritional Disorders and Public Policies

This line of research has two main purposes. The first one is to investigate the comprehension of food security and eating disorders distribution as well as risk factors in the population, taking into consideration different life cycles. The second one focuses on evaluating health, prevention and recovering policies for nutritional disorders based on the morbimortality within life cycles with emphasis in eating habits, nutrition and food security.

Food and Health Surveillance

The main objective of this line of research is to study — from a nutritional and sanitary point of view — food quality. It takes into consideration food processing and quality control, with emphasis in projects to control identified risks.